GVCB Officers and Board of Directors


President: Marianne Checkovich
Vice President: Ben Garland
Treasurer: Ryan Carle-Ogren
Secretary: Susanne Sparks



President Emeritus: Chris Hohweiler
Band Manager: Bill Krinke
Librarian: Leslye Hughes
Historian: (to be determined)
Flute Section: Martha Hohweiler
Clarinet Section: Tom Regneir
Sax/Double Reed Section:  Jan Lange
Trumpet/F. Horn Section: Natalie Bundy
Trombone Section: Les Torgerson
Tuba/Percussion Section: Hillary Engel/Donna Kettler


EX OFFICIO (non voting)

Director/Conductor: Dr. John Snavely
Media Coordinator: Sue Krinke
Band Aid President: Nancy Kane
Development Committee Chair: Donna Kettler